Will Colin Kaepernick Be Back in the NFL in 2020?

Colin Kaepernick is set to work out for the NFL Sunday in Atlanta.

In a stunning development, the NFL has arranged a private workout for Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick hasn’t played a down in the NFL in over two and a half seasons. He has had opportunities to play in the CFL, AAF, and the Spring League but has declined.

I find this baffling for a multitude of reasons. First, the NFL settled a grievance with Kaepernick for an undisclosed amount of money, believed to fall in the range of 6-10 million. Also, teams that are interested in signing a player can host them for a workout at any point during the season. So why would the NFL arrange a workout just for one player?

It’s a conspiracy theory that’s why. I’ve got plenty of theories running through my head, so let me throw a few out there.

Fear of another grievance: This one jumps out to me. So far this season we have seen 16 teams that have had to play their backup QBs. That list includes Ryan Finley (Bengals), Josh Rosen (Dolphins), Luke Faulk (Jets), Jeff Driskel (Lions), Chase Daniel (Bears), Kyle Allen (Panthers), Gardner Minshew II (Jags), Ryan Tannehill (Titans), and Duck Hodges (Steelers). With an uninspiring list of passers like this getting a chance to play over a guy like Kaepernick, it could show that teams have been directed by the NFL to not sign him.

Ratings: The ratings are up 18 percent this year. While that is great, imagine what the first game of Kap starting could do.

Good PR: The NFL has faced much negative media for things in recent years such as Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt. The NFL could be using Kap as a means to get positive PR. Bringing in a National hero to some could not only boost ratings but help make Goodell look better to the masses.

Again, it has been over two and a half years since Kap has played football. Does he still the skill set to be a starting NFL QB? That has yet to be seen. The NFL has pushed back his workout now to Sunday afternoon and is allowing media in. 24 teams are sending representatives tomorrow.

Whether or not the NFL is doing this for selfish reasons, this is a good thing for all. It is good for the league, for the fans, and it will finally prove or dispell the statement, “this team should have called Kap.”

Let’s take a look at some places Kap could land if the workout goes well.

The NFL has had a rollercoaster of emotions over the past few days and leading into Saturday is about to get a whole hell of a lot crazier. Colin Kaepernick is a controversial NFL star who hasn’t been in the league in over in three years. His spotlight outside of the league has held him without a team but his career stats include:

  • TD–Int:72–30
  • Passing yards:12,271
  • Completion percentage:59.8
  • Passer rating:88.9
  • Rushing yards:2,300
  • Rushing touchdowns:13

NFL Potential Landing Spots

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Denver Broncos
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • New England Patriots
  • New York Jets
  • New York Giants
  • Washington Redskins
  • Arizona Cardinals