Top Ten Will Smith Movies of All Time

Top Ten Will Smith Movies of All Time

With Bad Boys 3 coming out this past weekend we thought this would be a great opportunity to take a look at one of the greatest actors of my generation. Will Smith has put on classic performances in some of the greatest films of the past twenty-five years. Let’s take a look.

10. Bad Boys (1995)

Smith and director Michel Bay team up and bring Martin Lawrence along for the ride. This was an introduction for the world to see Smith as a bonafide action star. Bad Boys set up Smith’s future as the next big thing in Hollywood. His chemistry with Lawrence was out of this world, and people can see how Smith can keep up with the humor in a mature setting. A redundant plot, explosions, and a typical over the top Michael Bay film a but with Will, it makes this film memorable in a good way. 

9. Concussion (2015)

After taking a small hiatus from Hollywood, Smith came back with a thunder-like force in Concussion. A film dedicated to ex NFL football players who are struggling with CTE. Smith played Dr. Bennet Omalu who discovered CTE and goes against the mighty powerhouse of the NFL. Concussion hits everything you would want in a drama. It’s based on true events. The film drags in certain points, but Smith who gets an Oscar nomination, does his damnedest to get the seriousness of this film into the light. 

8. ALI (2001)

I consider this film to be the Will Smith coming out party as an all-around actor that can do any role. He had an Oscar nomination for this film, and he truly embraced Muhammed Ali to the fullest. The plot was a little vanilla for my liking, but overall an amazing film that showed Hollywood that Will Smith was the next best thing!

7. Men In Black (1997)

After having a breakout summer box office role in Independence Day (more on that film later), Smith was given a chance to have a leading role with an acting legend in Tommy Lee Jones, in the Men In Black! A sci-fi action pack film, that went on to crush box office expectations, and once again MR. Summer Box Office (Will Smith), proved his box office attraction and wasn’t a one time fluke. This film was another huge stepping stone for Will Smith’s future in Hollywood.

6. I Am Legend (2007)

This film had astronomical expectations once it was green-lighted from the studios. Smith said this role took him to the edge like no other role has done before, preparation was simply locking himself in a room alone learning to get his mentality and lifestyle exactly as the character he has to portray in this film. The film from a critic standpoint wasn’t a true highlight, but Smith’s performance will stand the test of time as an unforgettable one. A definite must-see!

5. Bad Boys 2 (2003)

Bad Boys 2 made my top 5 because it’s everything you would ask for as a fan of Will Smith. This film had a little bit of everything, the soundtrack was out of this world, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith’s comedic chemistry was off the charts. The plot was super fresh, the camera angles and visionary from director Michael Bay was out of this world at this time, and the action scenes were tremendous. Will seems to always shine when playing a cop.

4. Focus (2015)

Focus for me this is arguably the most underrated film in the last 10 years. We truly get a stellar cast with Will Smith and Margot Robbie as our co-leads in this film. Focus is a film, with so many twists and turns you have to watch it again and again to catch every little clue. I feel like this part was destined for Will and his high range of skills when it comes to acting. It is also the first time we have seen Will playing a con man in a very long time. He carries a lot in this film, and it’s another coming out part for Margot Robbie. A definite must-see film. 

3. The Pursuit Of Happiness (2006)

The story of a man down on his luck, a failing investment, a wife that leaves him and his son. Will Smith and his son Jayden make their first cinematic appearance together for this father and son duo dynamic that tug our hearts in almost every scene. One of the toughest scenes in cinema history was that bathroom scene and as always Will brings it when it comes to the dramatics. Will does an amazing job bringing you into every scene as you are there with him during the film. As a new father today, I probably couldn’t make it through that bathroom scene. This film gives you that touching, parent sacrificing love that any parent would do for their kids. 

2. I Robot (2004)

I am a huge Sci-Fi NERD!!!!!!!! Add in Will Smith, who has a history of sci-fi blockbusters, director Alex Proyas, and intelligent robots that are on a killing spree, and you get an amazing film. This film is literally like a roller coaster that never stops. Racism, trust, honesty, drama, and a comedic tone is all recipes that Will is the best at in Hollywood to this day.

1. Independence Day

Director Roland Emmerich gave us a film that changed everything in Hollywood after ID premiered nationwide. After all the success this movie has seen, there was one constant that everyone was talking about, and that was “Will Smith killed this part!” Taking a chance on the guy who was a rapper turned actor and having him take such a crucial part in this film. Will took this unbelievable chance and made this role his. Roland had Will as his number one choice the entire time before casting was official. The studio didn’t want Will but finally came around to it. A great decision obviously. I will never forget the comedic chemistry between Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum in the second to third act of this film. This film was a masterpiece and a lot of that has to do with eh great Will Smith.

What are your thoughts on this list?

What is your favorite Will Smith film?