Top 5 Woody Harrelson Movies You Should Watch


Woody Harrelson is one of the most interesting working people today. Not just for his protests which include climbing the Golden Gate bridge a

nd then posing for pictures with the sheriffs after in the jail cell, but also his amazing acting range. Once written off as just “Woody” the bartender from Cheers, he now has exploded into one of the top paid actors working three decades later. There are five movies that can sum up our favorite southern charmer. There are a lot of close shots and personal preferences to this box office dynamo, but I think we can all agree that if you haven’t seen these five films then you are shortchanging yourself from happiness courtesy of Mr. Harrelson.

White Men Can’t Jump

The quintessential movie that most people grew up on for all things Woody, White Men Can’t Jump.  Rosie Perez plays “ Gloria” a good girlfriend with an exceptional knowledge of all words that start with the letter “Q” to our gambler, who doesn’t know when to quit  “Billy” played by Woody. Billy then forms a team with Wesley Snipes “Sidney” to hustle the neighborhood in basketball, WMCJ has it all. With relatable characters and real life’s most evil villain, bills. Woody Harrelson makes you hate and love him at the same time. After one viewing you’ll find yourself referencing this movie for the rest of your life. With a fresh take on sports comedy, don’t write this off as a “just a basketball movie” or you’ll lose your bet.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

This movie reminds people of how versatile Woody Harrelson can be. Overall it is a great and interesting film. If you don’t know the name Frances McDormand off the top of your head you will after watching this story. Frances plays “ Mildred”  a woman who only grows colder when the local police don’t solve a case revolving around her daughter’s murder. Blatantly attacking the head of the sheriff’s office “Bill Willoughby” played by Woody. With an intense hatred and feud, this movie puts both characters to the test. With a great scene (one of many) where they square off in the interrogation room only for it to be revealed that Bill is really sick do their problems seem inconsequential. The whole film is expertly done and leaves you wanting more and makes you realize why you thought movies were worth seeing in the first place. 

The People Vs Larry Flynt

For some people, this movie might have gone unnoticed, which is a damn shame. A role that was sought after by the likes of Tom Hanks and Bill Murray alike, this film proved to be a mega-hit. It earned Woody an Academy Award for Best Actor nomination and praise from critics and audiences alike. Depicting Larry Flint’s upbringing, his venture into the creation of Hustler magazine and his famous court cases about free speech. This movie has great characters and fellow performances by Edward Norton and James Cromwell. None compare to Woody’s take on the character which so impressed the real Larry Flynt that they became good friends and still are to this day. Voted one of the top ten courtroom dramas by the American Film Institute, definitely, don’t let this one go by the wayside. 


If I told you that I have a great film about an Amish guy that learns to bowl from a one-handed alcoholic con man would you believe me? Kingpin is all that and more. Setting the story for us comes from the great directing talents of the Farrelly brothers. In classic fashion, they lead you on a cross country ride meeting fellow strange individuals that help our hero “Roy Munson” played by Woody Harrelson. With maybe his best performance Randy Quaid plays “Ishmael”, an Amish bowling prodigy that is soon shanghaied into Roys’s scheme. If ever a comb-over was worn by a king it is “Big Ern” played by Bill Murray. With great jokes that border on vulgarity, this is a movie that almost makes you care about professional bowling, almost. 


A movie that took the oversaturated market of Zombies and put a new flavor in your mouth. Zombieland reminded audiences of why you love Woody Harrelson. With a fun-loving glee to killing zombies and living his life in a way you’d hope you could. Woody comes to life in this movie to kill the undead. In his character “Tallahassee” we see all the fantastic moments of being the best version of yourself. In between him killing a zombie with a banjo we also get to see a tragic backstory of what the zombies took from him and why his hatred runs so deep. With the sequel just out and a gathering of great actors like Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone and BILL MURRAY! 

These films are the epitome of why we love Woody because he’s fun. There is barely a moment in cinema or television where we are not impressed by this guy. In his own words in Zombieland 2 “ I think I would have made a pretty damn fine president..” I think you took the words right out of my keyboard. With his movies becoming hotter than ever all we can hope is, for our future to be filled with a little more Woody Harrelson.

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