WWE NXT Results & Highlight Videos 11/20/19

WWE NXT Results 11/20/19

NXT kicked off from Full Sail University as it does every Wednesday night. However, this time the show had a special guest. The Man, Becky Lynch has arrived home in NXT. She gets the Goldberg treatment from the locker room and makes her way to the ring.

Becky cuts a great promo, calling out Shayna and the rest of the women in NXT. This would bring out Rhea Ripley causing the NXT crowd to go wild with Rhea chants. A ref would follow Rhea to the ring and it’s on!

Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley would have a great match before it would end in a no-decision after Shayna Baszler would lead Shafir and Duke to the ring to attack Becky and Rhea. Becky and Rhea would fight the horsewomen off and stand tall to end the segment.

The Revival has arrived at Full Sail en lieu of their match with the Undisputed Era tonight.

Kona Reeves makes his way to the ring and as I’m asking myself why is Kona Reeves coming to the ring, Ricochet shows up out of nowhere and lays out Reeves.

This would bring the King of Bros Matt Riddle to the ring. Just like that, we get an impromptu match between Ricochet and Riddle. Riddle would get the win. The match was awesome. Both men have great chemistry and this is a match we must see again down the road. The Blue brand would show up as Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro show up. Cesaro was unrecognizable as he dawned a backward blue hat.

Nakamura, Ricochet, Cesaro, and Riddle would brawl. Ricochet would hit a cross body on Cesaro into the crowd. Riddle would get the advantage over Nakamura. This would prompt Finn Balor to show up and get him some of Riddle. Riddle was ready for Balor and got the upper hand. Just a great match and segment.

The Revival would make there way to the ring next for their battle with the Undisputed Era. In a 20 plus minute match, the Undisputed Era would get the win over the Revival.

This match had everything you would want in a tag match including double teams and tandem maneuvers. Both teams are in ring magicians and are two of the best teams in the world. It is a shame the Revival were pulled from the Survivor Series triple threat. The Revival played the role of the faces in this match which threw me off a bit but all in all, it was great.

Kay Lee Ray and Dakota Kai are up next. Dakota Kai has been featured heavily in the build to War Games which leads me to believe that she will get involved on Saturday. Whether she turns heel or stays face Kai has looked great even while losing over the last few weeks. Kay Lee would get the win in a competitive match.

After the match, Team Blue would show up yet again. This time it was the women attacking the NXT women. Team NXT would make their way to the ring to make the save. Team Red and Raw would follow suit. We got our second brawl of the night and it would end with a funny showdown between Kairi Sane and iO Shirai. OH and we saw Sarah Logan for the first time in a year. Random.

The main roster really needs to take notes on how to produce great tag team matches because we just our second great tag match of the evening. The War Raiders beat The Forgotten Sons in a highly competitive match. Both of these teams beat the hell out of each other. The Forgotten Sons need to be called up to the main roster they can add some great depth. While comedy acts like Heavy Machinery need to go back to NXT.

Our main event would see Dominick Dijakovic and Adam Cole battle for the War Games advantage. Another great match. NXT tore the house down tonight. This match would be no different. Cole and Double D would be battling at the top of the ladder as Cole got the advantage and sent Dijakovic crashing through ladders on the mat. Cole would grab the briefcase and give his team the advantage at War Games.

After the match, the Blue brand would show up again as the rest of UE was making their way to the ring. Raw would show up and we got ourselves another brawl. This time we would get to see some former NXT stars come in and shine. Drew McIntyre showed up and laid a mean Claymore Kick on Double D. Keith Lee would follow up and layout Drew. Hanson or Ivar would come in and tease a fight with Lee. The two instead would do a double suicide dive onto the whole group on the outside. Adam Cole was the last man standing…until Seth Rollins showed up to take him out…

This would lead to the leader of NXT, the former champ Ciampa to come out and go at Rollins to end the show.

NXT was fantastic tonight. This was the first time in a long time the WWE has hit on a go-home show. Raw was solid on Monday and tonight was great. Every match was great in the ring and every match and segment helped build the current story or add to the arc. Well done by HHH and crew tonight.

Takeover WarGames is this Saturday from Chicago. It will be a hard-hitting shitshow all night. Fantastic build to the show and great go-home show. My only issue is who is the 4th man of Team Ciampa? I guess we have to wait and see…my money is on VELVETEEN DREAM D-R-E-A-M DREAM!