WWE NXT Worlds Collide Results and Review

WWE NXT Worlds Collide Results and Review

Worlds Collide takes place from Houston, Texas and we have a heck of a card tonite. We learned that Tom Phillips and Nigel McGuiness will have the call tonight. This is excellent as Tom and Nigel work great together. Let’s get into the card.

Kay Lee Ray def Mia Yim: This was a great match to start the show. This rivalry picked up from the build to NXT: War Games. KLR and Mia would beat the heck out of each other both in and out of the ring. KLR would hit a nice dive to the outside on Mia. When the action got back in the ring both women would exchange roll-ups for 2 counts. KLR gets the victory with a roll-up and a little assistance with a handful of tights. Really fun match to start the night. The crowd was into it. UK with the first win of the night.

Finn Balor def Ilja Dragunov: This match started as a classic wrestling match. It went to the outside, to the top rope, and back into the ring. Dragunov is the real deal. He has looked like gold in matches with Cesaro and Balor now. The ending sequence of this match was incredible. The fans were going crazy. After a sequence on the outside, Dragunov brings Balor back into the ring. Dragunov went to the top and hit a great Coast 2 Coast for two. Dragunov goes back up top but Balor gets his knees up. Balor with a running dropkick into the corner. Balor goes to the top and hits Coup de Grace. Balor nails 1916 and picks up the win. Great match.

Fatal 4 Way for the NXT Cruiserweight Title: Jordan Devlin def Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Travis Banks, and Angel Garza: Wow. I didn’t see this finish coming. First of all the new NXT Cruiserweight title is pretty. Anyway, in a match that can easily be dubbed as the match of the night, we have a new NXT Cruiserweight champion. This match was full of action and high spots. Travis Banks really was impressive in this match. There were multiple times I thought he got a three count. The ending came in an awesome spot. Garza hits a dropkick off the top as Banks is on Scott’s shoulders. Banks hit Scott with a Canadian Destroyer in the process. Garza follows up with a Wing Clipper on Scott but Devlin breaks it up with a nasty nasty headbutt. Devlin hits his Devlin side suplex finisher and got the 3 count. It was odd to me because it looked like Garza was supposed to break up the pin but he didn’t make it there on time. I digress. Maybe I’m just salty because Garza lost. Great match.

DIY def Moustache Mountain: The theme of the night continues. As we all expected this was a fantastic match. The theatrics, in the beginning, was a little over the top. As we’d get individual matches with Gargano/Bate and Ciampa/Seven. The four men would go back and forth showboating, flexing, and playing with their mustaches. After about ten minutes the match picked up and we got non stop action. The teams went back and forth playing to the crowd. Double team moves on both sides. In a cool spot, DIY had Seven and Bate in submissions in the ring similar to how they beat the Revival. After a series of near falls the two teams meet in the middle of the ring and trade blows. Ciampa knocks Bate to the floor but Seven hits a German on him. Bate springboards in from the apron and flies at DIY but flies into a pair of superkicks. DIY hits Seven with the double knee/kick strike in the middle of the ring and Campa covers Seven for the pin to win. Great match. A little long but a great match.

Rhea Ripley def Toni Storm to retain NXT Championship: Oddly enough this was easily the worst match of the night. Both women have great chemistry but something just felt off in this match. Maybe it was the face/face dynamic, I don’t know. The match would end after Storm would miss a frog splash and Ripley hits her with the Riptide for the 3. Ripley and Belair should put on a far better match in 3 weeks from now at Takeover: Portland.

IMPERIUM def Undisputed Era: This match was everything we wanted and more. Eight amazing talents that had the NXT crowd on their feet from start to finish. How good is WALTER?!?!? At one point he hit KOR and Strong with a double german suplex. That was awesome. Just an absolutely brutal match. Walter’s chops are nasty but everyone else is throwing hard strikes. Walter’s chest is as red as Rudolph’s nose. Imperium has been wrestling this match 3 on 4 since Wolfe was taken out at the start of the match. At one point UE takes out all of Imperium and goes to work on Walter. The fans are really behind Walter. UE works Walter to the outside and after a few minutes of struggling Roderick Strong hits an Olympic Slam on Walter through the commentary table. This leaves Imperium even more short-handed. Barthel and Aichner fight off UE. Aichner is so damn strong. Holy COW!!! Superkicks to Barthel and one to Aichner off the top rope. This is awesome! Barthel won’t give in. Walter is back and he is taking out UE one by one. Superkick by Cole to Walter but he reverses it and hits Cole with a monster chop. Walter is on fire and the crowd is so into this. Walter hits a splash on Strong for a 2 but Cole breaks up the cover with the running knee to Walter. Cole almost gets the three but it’s broken up. UE and Imperium are all in the ring, minus Wolfe and the melee is on!! Brawl in the center of the ring. Pandamonium everywhere. Bodies everywhere. Aichner takes out everyone outside with a huge top rope splash. Walter and Fish left alone in the ring and we know how this is going to end. Walter with a monster powerbomb on Fish and it’s over. WHAT A MATCH!!! Houston is going crazy for Walter.