WWE Raw in Review- 7/29/19

In what may be one of the most chaotic episodes of Raw since the Ruthless Aggression Era, the show opened up with a video package about the 24/7 Title, narrated by the guy who I’m pretty sure narrated the opening segment of Disney’s Hercules. This would lead to an official match for the 24/7 Title between R-Truth and Drave Maverick. The match itself was a “Moshpit” Match, which I assume is this era’s Lumberjack Match because of all the mid-low card talent surrounding the ring.

The match was a short one with R-Truth picking up the win. Once that happened, all the talent climbed onto the apron, surrounding R-Truth, and after a dogpile of some 1400lbs on top of R-Truth, Mike Kanellis would crawl away as the new 24/7 Champion. A celebration that would be short-lived once Maria Kanellis forced Mike so she can pick be the new 24/7 Champion. Walking out the front door, she waved the title in all of the mid-low card talent’s faces, knowing they wouldn’t do anything to harm the baby.

In a Gauntlet Match to see who AJ Styles would face against for his U.S Title at Summerslam, Rey Mysterio would kick things off against Cesaro. The two would have a pretty even, lengthy match, but after a third attempt with the 619, Mysterio would drop the Frog Splash on Cesaro for the win.
Sami Zayn would then rush down to the ring and lay on the offense as quickly as possible. But after countering Zayn’s Helluva Kick, Rey would pick up the win in less than a minute.

Exhausted, Rey would face off against Andrade next, who would take his time with Mysterio, conserving his energy. Andrade would eventually pick up the win over Mysterio with his Hammerlock DDT and immediately rip apart Mysterio’s mask. Luckily, Ricochet got down to the ring before any more insult could be made.

Like NXT matches of old, Ricochet and Andrade went after one another, showing off one another’s agility. Ricochet would appear to have the upper hand, but after interference from Zelina Vega, Andrade would start picking apart Ricochet. After a handful of counters, Ricochet would pick up the win, continuing the rivalry between himself and AJ Styles.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross would come out to the ramp for another worn out segment of A Moment Of Bliss. Nikki would congratulate Maria on her title win, condone Dolph Ziggler’s actions on Shawn Michaels last week on Smackdown, and then show a video of Fin Finlay teaching Natalya how to counter the Dis-Arm-Her. Becky would then storm in and lock Natalya in the Dis-Arm-Her, then leave calling Fin Finlay a traitor. Becky Lynch would then cut a quick video telling Alexa that she can run her mouth all she wants, but when the two face off later on in the evening, it’s going to cost her.

The Revival would face off against The Usos and The O.C for their Raw Tag Team Titles. This match was slow and dull, like every Usos/Revival match before. What made it worse was the Gallows or Anderson wouldn’t even be tagged in until during the commercial break (which isn’t supposed to happen anymore), and all they practically did were rest holds. The match would finally get good once chaos broke out and all the performers were battling one another, dropping signatures and finishers back-to-back. In the end, The O.C would win the Raw Tag Team Titles.

A video package from last week’s Raw Reunion would lead to another squash match with The Viking Raiders. I don’t need to tell you how that ends. The high point, in my opinion, with the Raw Reunion video package was that WWE edited out John Cena’s mugshot diss, given current events with Joshua Fatu (AKA: Jimmy Uso).

Becky Lynch would face off against Alexa Bliss and do precisely what she said she was going to do. Even with interference from Nikki Cross, Lynch would still come out on top in the match, until something happened to Alexa’s ankle and Lynch won by default. It all seemed legit too until Nikki Cross jumped into the ring and challenged Becky to a match, which would lead to a commercial break. It was all a commercial break bit.
Cross would face off against Lynch hard and fast, but after Lynch landed the Mandhandle Slam, she would pick up the win. 

After a miraculous recovery, Bliss charged Lynch, and she and Cross began attacking Lynch together. Natalya would sprint to the ring, but not to help. She would put Lynch into the Sharpshooter to teach her a lesson.
Another segment with Maria Kanellis would leave Braun Strowman seethingly growling.

Seth Rollins would face off against Dolph Ziggler for what he did the Shawn Michaels last week. In the ultimate troll move, Dolph came down to the ring to Shawn Michael’s entrance music, which I admittedly loved. Rollins would stomp a mudhole into Ziggler. Ziggler would get a few shots in, but this was a one-sided match with Rollins teaching Ziggler a lesson until Brock Lesnar came down to the ring.

Brock Lesnar would pick apart Rollins with chair shots and German Suplexes, but it would be the multitude of F-5’s, driving Rollins’ ribs into a standing chair that would do the most damage. It got so bad that even Paul Heyman had to step in as blood was visibly pouring from Rollins’ lips, indicating internal bleeding.

At this point, the show goes off the rails. Rollins is rolled to an ambulance, but Lesnar was waiting on the other side. He rips Rollins from the ambulance and does another F-5 onto the stretcher. In the same segment, Samoa Joe and The O.C would attack Roman Reigns and The Usos.
Samoa Joe would head down to the ring where he and Roman would start duking it out. Drew McIntyre would get involved, but then Cedric Alexander would jump in to help. The O.C would start attacking Alexander, but The Usos would run in as well.

The brawling would lead to the top of the ramp, where Cedric Alexander would climb on top of the LED board and dive onto everyone. For whatever reason, the brawling would return to the ring where Alexander countered McIntyre’s Claymore, but not the assault from The O.C. Roman would Superman Punch The O.C and The Usos would Con-Chin-To Samoa Joe, setting up Roman for the Spear. 

In the end, the babyfaces stood tall.

Outside of the Triple-Threat match, everything on Raw was entertaining as all hell. I was really impressed with this week’s show, and I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

I give Raw 4 out of 5 stars.

Daniel Hennessy