Lowdown on Smackdown-WWE Smackdown Live Results- 7/30/19

Smackdown Live opened with a cell phone video of Shane McMahon, letting everyone know that he wouldn’t be on the show tonight and that it was all Kevin Owens’ fault. Through random highlights of Shane over the last few months, he talked about his match at Summerslam, and how he would make Owens say that he was the better man and that he quit.

Kevin Owens would come down to the ring, and after another video package recapping what happened between the two the week before, Owens would cut a promo for their match at Summerslam as well. As soon as he finished, Drew McIntyre would come down and let him know the two of them would have a match, and after assaulting Owens, he’d let Owens know that the match was now. 

Owens would bring the fight to McIntyre even though it didn’t appear to have much effect at first. McIntyre would slowly wear Owens down with several rest holds, but Owens would make a comeback, delivering two Superkicks and a Pop-up Powerbomb for a near pin. With nearly his entire repertoire of moves exhausted, Owens went up to the top rope for a Senton Bomb, only to be countered and driven into the mat from the mid-rope. 

The match would then leave the ring with McIntyre clearing off the announcer table. As he was preparing to set Owens up, Owens would counter with The Stunner. McIntyre would roll back into the ring to get away from Owens, but Owens was right behind him, delivering another Stunner for the win.

Great way to start the show.

Kayla Braxton would interview Dolph Ziggler next, and after showing a video package of the events that took place last week with Shawn Michaels, Dolph would begin his rant by insulting Goldberg for the third time, insulting the Miz, and letting Balor know just who he was going up against.

Far too serious vampire, Aleister Black, would be back in his darkroom, waiting for another challenger and recounting his matches with Cesaro. This would eventually lead to an interview with Raw star Sami Zayn challenging Black to a match at Summerslam. 

Bayley and Ember Moon would team up to take on Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Bayley and Moon would take it to Bliss and Cross hard and fast, but as soon as we returned from the commercial break (because that’s still happening when Vince McMahon said it wouldn’t anymore), we’d find the tables had been turned. After a hot tag to Moon, Moon would charge in and start taking out Bliss and Cross on her own, delivering The Eclipse on Cross, but Bliss would jump in and send Moon into the ring post. After clocking Bayley right “in the mush” as  Corey Graves so eloquently put it, Bliss would deliver the Twisted Bliss on Moon for the win.

Bayley would come in, and you’d think she was there to double-check on Ember Moon. Nope. She returned last weeks favor by giving Moon the Bayley To Belly.

Daniel Bryan would show up and walk away. The failure to deliver his career-altering announcement bit is now just as old as Baron Corbin’s waistcoat and slack gimmick.

Jerry “The King” Lawler would host an episode of The King’s Court. His guest would be 7x Women’s Champion Trish Stratus. Lawler would horribly set up Trish Stratus to talk about one more match, but just as she was going to turn it down, Charlotte Flair would interrupt. After a rather dull and predictable build, Flair would challenge Stratus to a match at Summerslam.

We would get a brief Firefly Fun House segment with Rambling Rabbit, but Wyatt would come in, laughing hysterically, and say “Let me in,” before a creepy collection of Fiend clips.

Because WWE absolutely loves video packages, we got another video package of the events that took place last night on Raw between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins. This would lead in the Ziggler – Balor match.

The two would battle it out quickly and intensely, but before the match could really get underway, The Fiend would distract Balor long enough for Ziggler to deliver the Sweet Chin Music for his first win since June 18th and, no joke, his second win of the year. The last time he won a match before that was December 3rd of last year.

“Where In The World Is” Shinsuke Nakamura would come out and faceoff against Ali. Like a man with something to prove, Ali would go after Nakamura and not let up. And after three Kinshasa counters, he would pick up the win with a roll-up. 

We’d get a segment with Randy Orton discussing how Kofi Kingston is WWE Champion because of him. It was he who injured Ali that opened the door for Kofi to capitalize, and real talk people, Randy isn’t wrong. There’s truth in what he’s saying, and whether or not you’re a supporter of Kofimania, that is a fact that you have to accept. Of course, Kofi would have to refute those claims in his own brief promo interview with Kayla Braxton.

In what was initially supposed to be a six-man tag match between The O.C and The New Day via a now-deleted tweet on the WWE twitter account, Kofi would faceoff against AJ Styles in a Champion vs. Champion match.

Kofi and Styles would test the water with one another, seeing what they got, nearly doing an “anything you can do, I can do better” back and forth, but it would be a perfectly placed dropkick from Styles that appeared to concave Kofi’s chest even more, that the tides began turning. After the commercial break, we would still see Styles still picking apart Kofi, but it was after a sudden burst of energy that Kofi would deliver the SOS that the match would change pace.

The wild card in all of this was Anderson and Gallows, and after Kofi tried to pin Styles, the two would rip Kofi from the ring to break the count. Quickly the tensions began to build, and it was only a matter of time before chaos broke out and Big-E and Xavier Woods were fighting Gallows and Anderson.

In the confusion, Kofi and Styles stayed on one another, and after climbing the top rope for a high-risk move, Kofi would pick up the win with a Trouble In Paradise on a diving Styles.

In the final moments of Smackdown Live, Roman Reigns would be heading to Kayla Braxton to announce his opponent at Summerslam, but before he was able to, he was nearly crushed by a random forklift trying to pick a metal stand of some sort. Reigns would crawl from underneath the near-miss visibly shaken and walk away from the interview and the paramedics.

What does this mean for Roman Reigns to just walk away nervously like that? Is this the start of a new storyline for him where he forgets who he is? Only time will tell, I suppose.

Altogether, Smackdown Live was a solid show with a handful of great matches. The video packages were a bit much for me because this was an episode of Smackdown, not the Kickoff Show before a pay-per-view, but that’s easily overlooked with everything coming together neatly in a tight package.

I give this show a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

Daniel Hennessy