WWE Smackdown Live 8/14/19: Review, Results, and Grades

Smackdown would start with Kevin Owens to come down to the ring and reminisce about the last five years since he joined the main roster, how he’s created moments over the years and from, like him kicking Shane McMahon between the legs at Summerslam. He also announced that he would be part of the King Of the Ring tournament set to take place next week. Shane McMahon would come out and call Owens a lowlife for kicking him between the legs, to let him know that he had a match tonight against someone unknown at the moment, and after assaulting Elias, who was a ring official, would be fined 100K dollars.

As tired of I am of Shane McMahon, this is a great way to continue pushing this rivalry between him and Kevin Owens. After another segment with the two in McMahon’s office, it’s clear that Shane is changing his tactics and going after Kevin’s wallet, which is a smart way to set up the conclusion of this rivalry at Hell In A Cell in October. I know it’s a long way from now, but clearly, the two won’t face off against one another at the King Of the Ring tournament or the next WWE pay-per-view, Clash of Champions.

Charlotte Flair vs. Ember Moon: The first match of the night would be five minutes too long, but that’s not taking away from the match itself. Charlotte would dominate Ember throughout the whole match. Yes, Ember would get some impressive shots in, and for a brief moment I believed this match would end with Charlotte’s cocky attitude getting the best of her, but in the end, after a solid boot to Ember’s face, Charlotte would lock in the Figure 8 for the win. Grade: B-

I don’t know what WWE is doing with Ember Moon, but I’ve got this nagging feeling their screwing things up. If they’re trying to push Ember, they’re doing a terrible job. Even if she does lose, you’ve got to give her enough offense for the fans to get invested emotionally in, that way even if she loses, she’s still coming out on top. They pushed Lacey Evans for months and she’s awful. Ember is a phenomenal wrestler with some solid rivalries under her belt with NXT.

In case you’re 10-Second Tom from Fifty First Dates and have forgotten what’s going on with Roman Reigns these last few weeks, WWE decided to remind you with the same video package we’ve seen five times since Summerslam. This would lead to Daniel Bryan and Rowan to come out a cut a promo about how it wasn’t them, and how Buddy Murphy was a liar, willing to say anything to not have his head slammed against a whiteboard, and that something was about to happen.

Another backstage segment with Shane McMahon and we’d learn that Samoa Joe would be Kevin Owens’ opponent for the evening. This would lead into another promo with the far too serious vampire, Aleister Black, back in his darkened room, emphasizing on every word with a K, begging for a new challenger. This is old. Viking Raiders squash matches old.

Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy: In what is easily the best match of the evening, Buddy Murphy took it to Roman Reigns like a man who had something to prove. And he did. You don’t walk around for weeks calling yourself the best damn secret and not back it up. The two would duke it out inside and outside the ring, picking up momentum and getting the upper hand over one another throughout the match. Just when you thought either competitor was finished after a big move, they would kick out. Reigns would try to end the match with a spear, but Murphy would counter it with a kick, and then two solid knee strikes to the head. Reigns would eventually win with a spear that sent Murphy’s flipping through the air. Grade: A+

Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Owens (With Elias As Ring Enforcer): Because you can’t be in Canada and not have Kevin Owens wrestle, he would take the fight to Joe quickly, chasing him out of the ring, but thanks to constant distractions from Elias, Joe would have the upper hand on Owens. The match was a relatively short one with Joe countering Owens’ stunner with the Cochina Clutch. Owens would roll from the submission and land the Pop-Up Powerbomb on Joe, but as the official was counting for the three, Elias would whip him from the ring, distracting Owens long enough for Joe to get the roll-up pin and a quick count for the win by Elias. Grade: B

In another locker room segment, Daniel Bryan and Rowan would confront Buddy Murphy and demand an apology for lying. This would lead to Rowan attacking Murphy while Bryan kept on ranting about liars and today’s society. Murphy would find himself pressed against another whiteboard, demanding that he say that he was a liar. Once he said he was a liar, Rowan tossed Murphy aside.

The New Day vs. The Revival & Randy Orton (Six-Man Tag Match): What was initially supposed to be a tag match between The New Day’s Xavier Woods & Big-E vs. The Revival would turn into a six-man tag match after Randy Orton would come out and call Kofi Kingston a coward for running away from a fight with him. After a brief commercial break, the match would begin. The match itself was very fast-paced, a far cry from The Revival’s usual style of wrestling that we saw and hated with The Usos. Xavier Woods would be the unfortunate victim to Dawson and Wilder’s usual ring separation maneuvers. Eventually, the hot tag would come in for Big-E and he would run a clinic over The Revival but would get laid out with a Double DDT as he tagged in Kingston. At this point, chaos would break loose with Orton trying to sneak in on Kingston. Kingston would tag in Woods while he went after Orton. Unfortunately, the numbers game would prove to be too much and Xavier Woods was taken out by The Revival with their Shatter Machine. Grade: B+

The fight wouldn’t stop after the bell rang as The Revival continued their assault on The New Day. Randy Orton would RKO everyone even though they were already down and RKO’d Kingston once more for good measure.

In the final, stupid segment of the show. Roman Reigns would confront Daniel Bryan and Rowan in a dressing room and before the three of them would get into a fight, Daniel Bryan says he knows who the attacker is, and in some sort of garbage “Find out next time” bit, Bryan told Reigns he’d tell him next week.

For a going away show after Summerslam, I wasn’t really expecting much from Smackdown this week, but I was pleasantly surprised tonight. Nearly every match came with its own drama, and each performer put on a good show. The most obnoxious thing about tonight’s show was the video package recapping the Roman Reigns storyline, which they showed twice.

This episode of Smackdown. Grade: B

Daniel Hennessy