X-Men of the MCU Without the MCU

Disney has gotten their mutants and X-men as a whole back. What that fully means is unknown. A couple of things I want to find out is if they finally bring in Wanda (Scarlett Witch and Pietro’s (Quicksilver) relationship to Magneto. There are a lot of things they could do to mess up them being added, but there is also a lot of what for it to go right.

What I want to see them do has nothing to do with the current MCU. We got a possible future movie from Fox called “Days of Future’s Past”. In comics, this story introduced a possible daughter between Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Her name was Racheal Summers and she had inherited her mother’s powers with a bit of the Phoenix Force.

This, of course, allowed us to see Franklin Richards (son of Sue Storm Richards and Reed Richards), her closest friend. He somehow had been killed by a super-powerful Sentinel while sending her back in time to prevent the death of Senator Kelly. Which would effectively erase her own timeline. Of course, with his ability to rewrite reality meant that he decided he didn’t want to be dead and brought himself back.

With all that being said I am not talking about doing that story again. I think with the singularity of the creative property that Disney has become it could be told in a very interesting way. That is not the alternate future I want to discuss. Nor is it a proper telling of Old Man Logan. The movie wasn’t bad, the comic is just that much better. Telling that story would require the ability to draw on the whole MCU.

The timeline is usually called “The Age of Apocalypse”. This is a timeline where Charles Xavier had been killed before he started the X-men. In the comics, he was killed by his son Legion, who had traveled back to kill Magneto and accidentally killed Charles. This created a darker much more interesting world, not to mention the X Team. As they were raised and trained by Magneto instead.

One example of this universe is that Cyclops is a bad guy. He works for Mr. Sinister who works for Apocalypse. He also lost an eye in a fight against Wolverine, who in turn lost a hand. He had stabbed Cyclops in the eye. This is one of those few times we see Wolvie end up with Jean Grey being his other.

We get to see a lot of dark and twisted versions of different characters. Beast being straight up an immoral monster that has intentionally further mutated himself because he wanted too. The whole world creates a paradigm shift between who is a hero and who is a villain. All based on the nature of their own recruitments into the X-Men or Apocalypse.

One of the more interesting things to come out of this timeline is the creation of X-Man. Also known as Nathanial Grey. He is the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. Though it was not through consent, but Mr. Sinister playing God. In the main timeline, his name is Cable or Nate Summers. Both are effectively the same person, and both are insanely powerful.

Without diving into the universe too much and spoiling the fun of it I will finish with this. I suggest that Disney make a movie or a series. To kind of wash our pallets of what we have already seen in the X-men universe. It already looks like they are going to be recasting all of the Xmen anyway. The only reason I feel they should rush to do another one is if it is to officially retire Hugh Jackmen as Wolverine and have him pass the mantle to X-23 for the MCU.

Thinking about my next article might need to be explaining Wolverine and his odd… family.

In any case, stay tuned for more of my writing dreamers and schemers.