Yankees Suffer Another Blow to Their Rotation as Luis Severino to have Tommy John Surgery

Luis Severino to have Tommy John Surgery

The Yankees worst fears were confirmed on Tuesday when they learned their elite young starter, Luis Severino will likely need Tommy John surgery. Severino hasn’t been truly healthy in two seasons, yet the cracks in the foundation were laid that year.

In the second half of 2018, he experienced shoulder issues, and his regressed performance showed it. That shoulder problem spilled into last year, where Luis missed basically the entire season, save for a few late-season starts. Once a top 5-7 SP in the league, with an amazing arm, he’s really fallen from grace. With this new elbow issue, and his extended absence in route, what will he be when he returns?

The good thing is, he’s still plenty young enough at 26, to bounce back. Yet for the immediate future, and for the Yankees, it’s a damaging blow, to a once seemingly incredible rotation.

What will the Yankees do?

I believe they won’t hit the panic button, considering it’s only February. Yet somewhere down the line, either one of their kids steps up, or they’ll make a deal.

The great thing for them is they have depth, and reinforcements. I won’t sugarcoat this injury though. It’s a tough pill to swallow in Yankee land.

We shall see how it all unfolds, and the true nature of its impact.