Houston Astro’s Yordan Alvarez- AL Rookie of the Year and so Much More

At 6’5 Mr. Yordan Alvarez can be an intimidating human being especially for a pitcher staring him down in the left handed batters box. He is listed at 225 lbs but I’m convinced that was his weight when he was scouted at the age of 18 after defecting from Cuba and making his professional debut with the Dominican Summer League Astros (this is after the Astros obtained him in a steal of a trade from the Dodgers). He has to be at least 375 lbs of pure Cuban muscle by now. 

Behind the Numbers

Enough about his size what about the numbers right? If I were to post Air Yordan’s minor league stats on here you would suspect this article to be from The Onion or some other goof site that takes things and blows out of proportion to make a joke (love The Onion btw). The man was intentionally walked 5 times in a 7 at-bat streak in the minors. At one point not only did he not walk up to home plate for his at-bat he didn’t even carry a bat just walked from the on deck circle to first base. That is the stuff of legends folks.

I won’t carry on about the minors because that would go forever and of course as you may have noticed the minors does not always carry over to the majors. In 40 games at the MLB level, Alvarez is hitting .338 with 13 home runs to go along with 40 RBI’s. He also has a nice .420 on base percentage. I don’t know if you have ever heard of Albert Pujols, but he is kind of good and was extremely good as a rookie. Yordan recently broke King Albert’s all-time rookie record for the most RBI’s through a rookie’s first 30 games. Not something to just chalk up to a hot start. Enough numbers though I know that can bore you so I will let you all in on why I see Yordan as much more than a flash in the pan or just a big guy who will hit home runs and drive in runs.

Behind the Man

He’s quiet. Not just in personality but at the plate, meaning he does not move his head aka stays on the ball. The man rarely even steps out of the box during an at-bat, pure focus. He has a pure swing and unimaginable torque to go along with that swing. This humongous monster at the plate will drive the ball up the middle on a consistent basis and hits line drives that will take a players arm off. He doesn’t have to hit home runs to produce he has the eye and the batting knowledge of a vet at the age of 22. 

You never want to get too excited about rookies because there are many things that come into play, the sophomore slump, pitchers and teams getting better scouting reports, etc. In this case though Houston and just baseball fans, I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

The young man referred to as “THORdan” “The Astros player with the longest home run in StatCast history” and most often “Air Yordan” is going to put on a hitting display/lesson for years to come.